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A rustic, extensive and efficient wastewater treatment plant

The BIOGYR® is based on the principle of aerated lagooning by blowing air.

Intended for the treatment of domestic wastewater for discharge into the natural environment, the BIOGYR® is particularly suitable for small communities of 500 to 50,000 inhabitants.


The main advantage of BIOGYR® lies in its low operating cost up to four times lower than a traditional aerated lagoon solution


With a footprint of 2.5 m² per Population Equivalent, this process is both compact and easily expandable.

Operational and reliable

The degradation of pollution is possible thanks to the formation of a purifying biomass at the bottom of the structure. This technique, one of the oldest methods of wastewater treatment, has the advantage of being simple and reliable. The risks of failure are very low given the absence of electro-mechanical equipment immersed in the structure.

The BIOGYR® is an extensive process capable of absorbing large variations in flow or pollution. Its quality of treatment is constant given the large volume contained in the basins.

This process supports difficult conditions such as very low temperatures very well.

Half an hour a week is enough to maintain a BIOGYR® unit: it consists of a simple visual check that does not require any special skills in water treatment.

In normal operation, no other particular human intervention is to be expected: the first sludge management only appears after five to ten years of operation.

Integrated into its environment

Due to the rusticity of the process and the significant aeration, the absence of odor is total, including during pollution overloads.

By creating a permanent movement of the surface and the regular passage of all the water at a depth of 3m, the survival of mosquito larvae is inhibited, making the process naturally insecticidal.