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Used in the protection of nozzles, high pressure pumps, membranes



The Continuous Unclogging Filter (CUF) is an effective solution for filtering highly contaminated water at thresholds of up to 60µm. Thanks to its continuous unclogging system, it requires very little maintenance and no change of consumables. Its compactness allows you to easily adapt it to an existing system.

Applied as pre-treatment, the continuous unclogging filter is used to protect nozzles, high-pressure pumps, membranes, etc

How the FDC filter works

The Continuous Unclogging filter was designed based on the mechanical generation of an ultra-sound field. Its principle is continuous unclogging by suspending the particles to be filtered thanks to the variation of the pressure difference on either side of a filter strainer.

This is obtained by setting a high-speed filter strainer in motion near a strainer made up of vertical bars. The variation of the section between the two strainers causes a variation of the speed of the liquid.