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A double membrane filtration process applicable to effluents from the food industry.





The DUOMEM PROCESS ® consists of using the same ceramic filtration membrane for the pretreatment of the raw effluent and for separating the treated water from the sludge of the membrane bioreactor.

The raw effluent first passes over the ceramic membranes in order to be degreased. There, we obtain a significant reduction in pollution of around 90%. The rest of the pollution is treated in an aerobic biological reactor: the treated water from this reactor is separated from the biological sludge by a second passage over the ceramic membranes.

We obtain quality treated water that is compliant for discharge into the natural environment.

Application domain

The treatment of effluents concentrated in pollution and loaded with oils and greases.


By considerably reducing the size of the biological treatment by the first pre-treatment stage, this solution is compact. Furthermore, the DUOMEM PROCESS ® uses the same membrane unit to replace two bulky pieces of equipment, the degreaser and the clarifier.

Filtration performance

Alternating a crude product and a biomass on the membranes improves filtration performance. Indeed, the regular passage of the biological sludge has a declogging action on the raw effluent residues embedded in the membrane. This results in less frequent washes and higher filtration rates.

Degreasing performance

Degreasing performance superior to a conventional flotation unit and without the addition of products (flocculant, coagulant, etc.).

Biological Treatment Performance

The performances of the biological treatment are superior to a conventional biological treatment by clarifier: the ceramic membranes with a threshold of 100 nm are an impassable barrier for bacteria. There is therefore no possibility of sludge leakage regardless of the nature of the biomass (decantable or not). In addition, the treated water at the outlet is free of any suspended solids (MES < at 1 mg/l).

Membrane Performance

Ceramic membranes are particularly suitable for the treatment of industrial effluents, which can present a certain aggressiveness towards organic membranes. The excellent chemical resistance of ceramic membranes makes it possible to work in extreme areas of temperature, pH and pressure.

Process longevity

This process has been working for more than 10 years with our customers without having undergone a change of membranes.