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A compact, natural and odorless wastewater treatment plant, complying with French and international discharge standards




* hybrid version

The BIOBOX® is a sequential aerobic biological reactor (or SBR for Sequential Batch Reactor).

It’s a natural, odourless wastewater treatment plant. Suitable for dense, isolated housing as its main equipment, it is also a complementary solution for treating areas subject to seasonal variations.

BIOBOX® is a robust unit with a chrome steel tank that comes with a 10-year guarantee and requires very little maintenance.

Plug and Play

BIOBOX® is self-sufficient, requiring only a weekly inspection and a few monthly analyses.
Each BIOBOX® unit comes in a 20 or 40 foot container, making it easy to transport at low cost.

To install it, two manholes for the hydraulic/electrical connections and a coated or compacted platform are sufficient.
Install it, connect it to the pipes, supply it with electricity and your wastewater treatment plant is operational: thanks to the intelligent automation of the BIOBOX® and its user-friendly and intuitive interface, water treatment becomes accessible to everyone.


To obtain a treatment adapted to each situation, the capacity of the installation can be increased by adding one or more BIOBOX®.
As a main secondary treatment or in addition to your existing installation, the BIOBOX® can also be combined with the PRIMBOX primary degreasing treatment) and the UFBox (tertiary finishing treatment ).


We adapt the BIOBOX® to your needs: remote management (automatic sending of email or SMS alerts), landscaping adaptation (graphic personalization or wood cladding), optional integrated equipment (automatic sampler, physico -chemical dephosphatation, chlorination, etc.)