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  1. Scope of application

This policy applies to “Cookies”. On our web pages, we use “cookies”, which are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit one of our web pages.

  1. Definition of cookies

A cookie is a piece of information placed on your hard drive by the server of the website you are visiting. They are tracers that are deposited and read when you visit a website. It contains several pieces of information: the name of the server that placed it, an identifier in the form of a unique number, and possibly an expiry date.

  1. Purpose of cookies on the site

In order to serve you better and improve navigation of its site, FLAU uses cookie technology. Cookies are used to provide you with a personalised browsing experience each time you visit the site and to measure the website audience.

  1. Use of cookies by FLAU

The cookies used on our site are :

Audience measurement cookie

This cookie is used to provide anonymous statistical data on visitor numbers only (number of pages viewed, number of visits, frequency of return visits, etc.). This cookie is installed if you continue to browse the website.

  1. How long the data collected by cookies is kept

The data collected by cookies is kept for a maximum of 12 months from your first visit to the site. Cookies are automatically uninstalled from your computer after 12 months.

  1. Managing cookies

You may delete cookies from your computer at any time by following the procedure described below. Please note that if you delete the cookies that have been installed on your computer, you will be asked to accept cookies again in order to be able to access the website in the best possible way. You can also choose to block the installation of cookies on your computer directly in your browser’s server settings. You can find more information on how to do this by clicking on the following link: https://www.cnil .fr/en/cookies-the-tools-to-control-cookies However, it should be noted that your browsing experience on the site may then be limited.

The procedure for deleting cookies varies depending on the browser.

  • for Chrome: click on the link to Google Chrome Help
  • for Safari: click for the link to Safari – managing cookies and website data with Safari
  • for Firefox: click on the link to Firefox – Support – Mozilla
  • for Internet Explorer: click for the link to Internet Explorer Support – Delete and manage cookies
  • for Opera: click on the link to OperaHelp-Web Preferences