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References in water treatments

Wastewater treatment plant
Field of activity:Urban and industrial, Calvados – France

Capacity increase with continuity of service

Work completed:

  • Change of electrical cabinet,
  • Supervision and remote management of the station,
  • Counting and screening of effluents,
  • Building a scraped degreaser,
  • Construction of an aeration basin,
  • Regulated agitation and aeration,
  • Deodorizations

Physico-chemical treatment station
Field of activity : metallurgical industry, North – France

General effluent treatment
Physico-chemical filter, fully automated filter press

Work completed:

  • Effluent lifting,
  • Buffer tank installation,
  • Coagulation and flocculation tanks,
  • Settling tank,
  • Rejection control to pH,
  • Dehydration by filter press.

Adaptation of a wastewater treatment plant
Field of activity : Food industry, Oise – France

Work completed:

  • Effluent screening,
  • Change of electrical cabinet,
  • Aeration basin agitation,
  • Ventilation regulation,
  • Squeegee bridge replacement,
  • Sludge storage agitation.